This is TJ's Work Plan. He uses this plan to accomplish his goals.
You may follow his plan or you can create your own.

  1. Set a Solid Work Schedule  and Stick To It
    Example) Monday - Friday, 2pm to 9pm (35 hrs. p/week)

  2. Choose Great Places to Work Like



Bowling Alleys

Sporting Events


TJ's work plan is two fold - first - he and his wife work as a team and approach people and simply ask them if they are interested in playing a FREE Game of Deal or No Deal for the Chance to *Win up to $1,000 Cash. (over 90% of the people  that are asked are excited to play, and on average 1 in 3 of those people will later donate to our fundraiser. But TJ does not bring up the donation until after the free game has been played).

TJ's daily goal is to speak with three groups of  2 - 4 people every hour. 
One group every 20 minutes on average.


3 groups of 2 - 4 people p/hr.
(X)  7 hrs. per day

= 21 Total groups p/day average

21  Groups p/day average

(X) 3 people per group average

= 61 Total People Reached P/Day

(X) 90% participation rate

=  55 total free game participants p/day

and 1 in 3 or (X) 33% of them donate, Play Bonus Game  

= 18 Donations p/day average

( X) $25 average donation

= $450 total donations raised p/day


TJ makes

(X) 40% commission for his efforts

=  $180 p/day income  or  $25.71 per hour



TJ's work plan is two fold  - second -  while he is having fun promoting and hosting this game with participants, he is building his personal team to manage. He simply asks these people if anyone is looking to make $25+ p/hr. having fun, hosting this Exciting Deal or No Deal Game and promoting St. Jude's Children's Hospital and Save The

TJ  is now a Manager of five, full time - hard working street promotions team members that are doing exactly what he is doing and TJ is making 10% commission from each of his team members efforts on top of his 40% commissions that he earns from his personal promotional work. 


5 Street Promotions Team Members

each raise (X) $450 per day average in donations

= $2,250 total donations raised p/day

(X) 10% Manager Commissions

= $225.oo Income P/Day

Now (+) Add that to TJ's total daily commissions of
+ $180.oo per day and

TJ makes = $405.oo Total Income Per Day

or a Total of  $105,300
Income Per Year

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