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YOU Can Be Part of The Solution TODAY! 


Become a WHITE KNIGHT and VOLUNTEER your time at one of our rescue ranches. Cleaning, Feeding, Watering, Exercising Horses Daily between 8am - 8pm. 


We also ask that you help us promote our cause to all your friends and family.  

White Knight Dark Horse Rescue Ranch




​​Help make a difference and sign up
to volunteer today!


Any donations are welcome and very much appreciated.


Other White Knight Sponsorship Levels:


White Knight

$1200.yr ($100 month)

- photo of horse

- story of horse

- letter of thanks

- thank you posted on facebook

- 2 special gifts

- Unlimited Visits (come out anytime for feeding and cleaning)  



$600.yr ($50 month)

- photo of horse

- story of horse

- letter of thanks

- thank you posted on facebook

- 2 special gifts

- 15 Monthly Visits



$300.yr ($25 month)

- photo of horse

- story of horse

- thank you posted on facebook

- special gift  

- 10 Monthly Visits


$150.yr ($12.50 month)

- photo of horse

- story of horse






Here is a realistic look at what it costs to properly care for one healthy horse for one year not counting cost of facility, electric, water etc.




Bales of Hay (these prices vary depending on the market)

... One Bale of hay Bermuda $18.95 or alphalpha $16.99 or Timothy $20.99

(One horse will eat approximately 1/2 of a bale of hay per day

Total approximate cost of hay for one year $3,456.00 


One 50 lb. bag of horse feed $15.00

(Each horse receives 1 - 1.5 lbs of grain twice a day.)

Total cost of feed for one year $300.00 


De wormer $9.00 

(Each horse needs to be de wormed every 8 weeks.)

Total cost of de wormers for one year $59.00 


Farrier (trims horses' hooves) $90.00 - $100.00

(Horses' hooves need to be trimmed every 3 - 4 months.)

Total approximate cost for farrier one year $400.00 - $600.00


Dentist $110.00

(Horses teeth should be filed at least once a year, general maintenance only.)

Total approximate cost of dentist for one year $110.00 


Veterinarian Vaccinations $244.00 

(This cost is for vaccinations only, which are needed in the Spring and Fall.)

Total cost of Veterinarian Vaccinations for one year $244.00


Veterinarian Expense = $550 per year/per horse average (keep in mind that this is for a healthy horse and a horse with any major health issues can dramatically raise the cost of Medical Care)


Misc. Expenses $22.92 x 12 months

Total approximate cost of misc expenses for one year $275.00


Expenses add up very quickly total Basic Food, Medical and Misc. Expenses 




.Founded June 4, 2010 



White Knight  Dark Horse Rescue Ranch also takes donations in the form of products and or services.

Wish List Items that we need:


Horse Clothes 

Waterproof Turnout Blankets, sizes 66 through 84 


Feed / Supplements 

Alfalfa Pellets 

Aloe vera juice 

Black oil sunflower seeds 

Feed - Senior (Dumore Sr, Senior Glo or Nutrena Sr) Feed - Sweet Feed 

Hay - Timothy/Brome, Orchard Grass 

Salt Blocks (50lbs) 


Weight builder/Fatt Cat 


Veterinary Supplies/Medications 

Betadine solution 



Duct tape 

Epsom salts 

Gauze Pads 

Satin Star cotton sheeting 


Triple Antibiotic ointment 

Vet Wrap 






saddles... (western / english) 


Barn Supplies 

Double ended snaps 

Duct tape 

Fly Spray & Masks 

Halters (breakaway) - all sizes, including draft 

Lead ropes 

Pine Shavings 



Water buckets 



Office Supplies 

Computer (Desktop/Laptop) 

Copy Paper 

Digital camera 


Xerox Services 


Building Materials 

Board fencing Fence posts (4x4) Plywood 


Farm Supplies 



Vehicle - 1/2 ton pick up truck (4 wheel drive) 

Water Pump 

Diesel Fuel



General Maintenance 

Fence Repair







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