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                                                                               One Who Receives Unexpected Help

This Presentation is Intended for the Executives at

Love's Corporation. This is Not a Solicitation for a Grant.

    WKDH Inc. Wants to Help   

The Love's Corporation Increase Daily

Customer Floor Traffic by Providing Loves Corporation with this 

New App Feature that can easily be added to Loves.com Website


This "New App Feature" Is? (Drum Roll Please) an EXLUSIVE
  - 24/7 Satellite Internet Radio Broadcast Station -

It is more than just radio advertising, It is Love's Very Own Radio Station


Customers Driving the Interstate Highways Connect to This
Loves.com App From Their iPhone, Android, Tablets & Laptops

to enjoy a variety of popular hit music from the early 20th century up to today,
~ a mix of stand up comedy, ~ nostalgic old time radio programs, ~ contests & giveaways,
~ daily news updates, ~ national traffic & road closures and national weather conditions

Start the App Now and Listen to a Sample of the Radio Advertising
and Broadcasting Services The Love's Corporation Can Expect to Receive.
(keep in mind, this is a 20 minute condensed playlist/format for The Love's Executives to quickly sample. WKDH regular playlist/format includes much more.]



Loves.com/Radio is 100% FREE for Listeners

and Great Medium for Love's Corporation to Advertise

Directly to Customers Commuting Across the U.S.A.


People Listen While Driving From Coast to Coast

Without Losing Reception or Having Static Interruption,

much like SiriusXM Satellite Radio



Loves.com/Radio is a Very Valuable Advertising Resource 
that is Dedicated to Advertising ONLY Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores. 

 Constantly Keeping of The Love's Brand Name Fresh in the Minds of Tens of Thousands, Hundreds of Thousands

(Hopefully Millions) of Listeners Traveling on the Interstate Highways Everyday.


WKDH Inc. Professional D J Team of Broadcasters will keep listeners engaged and entertained as they travel the highways, ~ by playing a variety of popular hit music from the early 20th century up to today, ~ a mix of stand up comedy, ~ nostalgic old time radio programs, ~ contests & giveaways, ~ daily news updates, ~ national traffic & road closures and national weather conditions. 

Providing Fresh, Positive, Knowledgeable Content Intended to Improve the Lives of Every American and to Preserve & Protect the Oil & Gas Industry.


WKDH Inc. Advertises Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores Services [such as, but not limited to]


1.    My Love's Rewards
2.    Food & Restaurants
3.    Stay With Us, Hotels Program
4.    Fuel Prices
5.    Love's and Speedco Truck Care & Tire Selection
6.    Emergency Roadside Assistant Services
7.    Light Mechanical Care
8.    Commercial Truck Oil Changes 
9.    Preventative Maintenance Services
10.    Freight Factoring
11.    Love's Express Credit
12.    Love's Blog, Heartbeat
13.    Contests & Sweepstakes
14.    Jobs & Careers
15.    Store Products


Loves.com/Radio 24/7 Satellite Internet Radio Station Will Be Operated, Managed & Maintained by the WKDH Inc. Professional Radio Team for a Fee. (daily fees listed below) The Love's Corp. Only Needs to Provide Advertising Content.

WKDH Inc. will acquire the listeners needed to make this radio program successful by planning   a national billboard & internet social media advertising campaign to advertise Loves.com/Radio app. 

Other great places to advertise Loves.com/Radio is at all the Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores, at all gas pumps and on all tanker trucks.

WKDH Inc. radio advertising and entertainment broadcasting service fees are based upon the total number of listeners each day. We believe that The Love's Corporation should only pay for advertising services when people are actually listening to Loves.com/Radio commercial advertisements.


BONUS! The First 1,500 Listeners Per Day Are FREE!

Daily Rates

 [12:00:00am - 11:59:59pm] 



WKDH Inc. shall require an administrative [set-up] fee of $999 per Love's Travel Stops location to launch this Loves.com 24/7 Satellite Internet Radio Broadcast Station Application. Then Love's Corp.
would be invoiced bi-weekly based on the total number of listeners, per day.



WKDH Inc. IS VERY CONFIDENT The Love's Corporation Executive Members Will Recognize Loves.com 24/7 Satellite Internet Radio Broadcast Station

Radio Advertising Concept Will Be of Great Benefit to All Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores By Keeping Love's Brand Name Fresh in Customers Minds that

Immediately Increases Daily Customer Floor Traffic.


       Contact Us    WhiteKnightDarkHorse@Gmail.com

  1. Schedule a meeting with WKDH Inc. to discuss details and get questions answered.

  2. We come to an advertising & broadcasting services agreement & submit administrative
    [set-up] fee.

  3. Provide WKDH Inc. with as much advertising content [information] that Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores wishes to advertise to their customers. 


 Once We Commence....WKDH Inc. Professional Radio Team

  1. [will] assign an authorized representative that Loves Corporation may communicate with in regards to any and all advertising activities or any customer service related issues.

  2. [will] provide Loves.com website team with the necessary website code needed to install and launch the Loves.com 24/7 Satellite Internet Radio Broadcast Station.

  3. [will] inaugurate a well planned interstate billboard and social media advertising campaign to attract listeners.

    Target Audience [men & women] between ages of 
    20 - 70 years Traveling the U.S. Highways.




Contact Us  WhiteKnightDarkHorse@Gmail.com

           0  -   1,500

1,501  -  15,000

15,001  -  150,000

150,001  - 1,500,000

   1,500,001 - 15,000,000

  15 Million  +  Listeners







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