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$25+ p/hr. Having Fun Hosting a Deal or No Deal Promotional Game. Your Perks & Benefits Include

Work from Anywhere, Anytime. Payday Everyday, Daily CA$H Bonus Incentives and Optional Travel Opportunities if Desired. Growth and Advancement Opportunities. Health, Dental, Vision Insurance, 401K and other retirement benefits.


All Supervisors, Managers and Marketing Coordinators begin right here by joining our

Street Promotions Team. You must demonstrate that you are -

  1. a pro active self starter

  2. able to follow these written directions (email us with questions)

  3. and can work without direct supervision (no need to clock in or clock out for work)


Therefore, we Promote All Future Supervisors, Managers, Marketing Coordinators from within this group of Street Promotional Team Members (this is your foot in the door). If you want to get promoted then you need to demonstrate enthusiasm, initiative, leadership and an outstanding work ethic.

The Street Promotion Teams Assignment is to:

  1. Make a work plan (click to see an example), set a goal, manage your time efficiently, effectively and appropriately.

  2. Approach people 18yrs or older (groups of 2 - 4 work best) and ask them if they would be interested in playing a fun free game of Deal or No Deal for the Chance to *Win up to $1,000 Cash. (That is your opening presentation)


If the they say No Deal, then say thank you
and move on.

3. If the they say Deal, then the Street Promotions Team simply has fun hosting this free game of Deal or No Deal with them on a laptop computer, iPad or smartphone.

Towards the end of this free game while everyone is having fun and you have their undivided attention the Street Promotions Team simply tell them about these companies that
we are promoting.

  • St. Jude's Children's Hospital 

  • Save The Children



You are never selling any products or services
only telling people the names of these companies

4. When finished playing the free game - the Street Promotion Team will offer the player/s one BONUS GAME of DEAL or NO DEAL for the Chance to **WIN up to $10,000 CASH if they are kind enough to Donate $19 or more today to St. Jude's Children's Hospital and Save The Children today. - DO NOT mention anything about bonus game or donation until they are finished playing the free game.

AND! Anyone that Donates $100 or more (as a Thank You from our Corporate Sponsor)

Will Receive (4) $25 Improv Comedy Gift Cards. $100 Value. Good for One Year

DEAL or No Deal ?

Click Here to See an Example of a
Street Promotions Team Members Work Plan





  1. CASH - Anyone may donate with cash, you will keep the cash but will us the money that you just raised for charity. You keep 40% of all the money that you raise for this fundraiser. Example: Jan Brown donates $25 Cash, you keep all of the cash in your pocket and then you will use your personal app and send - $15 to our account  #6025026693 and you have just earned $10 cash. Its just that easy. OR!

  2. ZELLEPAY.COM - Anyone can use their personal app to make a donation. They send donation to account #6025026693. Once the company receives this donation, company will your commissions. Cash is in your account that same day. ts just that easy. OR!

  3. PAYPAL - Anyone can use their personal debit or  credit card to donate. You simply click on the Donate button above ^ using secure PayPal. Once the company receives this donation, we will use our app to pay you. Cash is in your account that same day.

To Get Started Making Cash Today

Follow these four steps

  1. NEW Street Promotion Team Members - Click here  to Play FREE Game of *Deal or No Deal 
    for the Chance to WIN up to $1,000 Cash.
    All NEW Street Promotion Team Members will need to do what you are asking other people to do, because you cannot expect someone to do something that you are not willing to do. This is a play for points game and each month the Player with the highest game score will Win up to $1,000 CASH.  

  2. NEW Street Promotion Team Members - Donate $19 or more using your to our company Account #6025026693 - This will also connect our company's account with your account so that you can get paid each day you work. Then play your
    BONUS GAME of DEAL or NO DEAL for the Chance to **WIN up to $10,000 CASH


  3.  NEW Street Promotion Team Members  - Click here to complete the Sweepstakes Entry form  and submit when you have finished playing both games.**This is a play for points game and the Player with the highest game score will Win up to $10,000 CASH. 

  4. NEW Street Promotion Team Members  - Finally, complete this Street Promotions Team Sign Up form below, and submit.


Once company has received your Street Promotions Team Sign Up Information and $19 or more donation we will reach out and schedule a Zoom Meeting to introduce you to your promotions team manager who  will be there to  answer any and all your questions you may have. Our goal is to get you started promoting this game, these companies and earning cash today. 


Click Here to See an Example of a

Street Promotions Team Members Work Plan

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