WKDH Team Consists of a Group of Radio and Television Personalities Each With 25 + Years of Professional Broadcasting Experience.

  • Michael Landon - President WKDH Inc.

  • T.J. Jorgensen - Secretary WKDH Inc.

  • Craig Winter - Treasurer WKDH Inc.

  • Russ Knight -  Entertainment Director

  • Amanda Brett - Sales Manager / Promotions Director

  • Brandon Zane - Online Marketing & Social Media Manager

  • Zachary David - Website Editor / Manager

  • Tim Hattrick - D.J. - KNIX Radio, KMLE Radio

  • Willie D Loon - D.J. - KMLE Radio

  • Kaley O'Kelly - D.J. - Radio & TV Personality ABC TV15

  • Katie Ramel - D.J. - Radio & TV Personality ABC TV15

  • Andrew Babinski - D.J. - KFYI Radio

  • Billy Michael's - D.J. - KMLE Radio

  • Gwen Foster - D.J. - Radio & TV Personality CBS Radio

  • Liz Habib - D.J. - Radio & TV Personality FOX TV10

  • Brad Perry - D.J. - Radio & TV Personality KTVK TV03, 

Meet the President

~  Michael Landon ~


Grew up in the 1960’s, 70’s in a small mid western community,

his family owned a night club and he worked at the

family business from a very young age doing whatever needed to be done.



Graduated High School in 1982, Michael moved to Phoenix Arizona to start his own entertainment business on April 20, 1983 - Booking Live Bands, Singers / Musicians, Magicians, Comedians, Hypnotists, Disc Jockeys, Limousines and much much more... for a variety of events...


Michael has Owned & Managed this Entertainment Booking Business for 38 years.


Over the past 38 years, Michael has also offered his talents and services as Master of Ceremonies / Announcer - for a Variety of Events. Radio Program Director / Disc Jockey @ KYOT Radio

Night Club D.J. Entertainer @

  • Bogies Social Club - Mesa

  • Bobby McGee's Conglomeration- Scottsdale

  • The Rocking Horse Saloon - Scottsdale

  • Graham Central Station Rodeo Nights - Phoenix

  • Whiskey River Saloon - Phoenix


In 2010, Michael assisted in the organization of a 501 (c)3 Non-Profit Animal Rescue Organization and sits on the board of directors today. This organization White Knight Dark Horse Inc. fund raises, promotes and assists other animal rescue charities throughout the USA.

Meet the Treasurer

~ Craig Winter ~

BS Degree in Telecommunications from

Northern Arizona University (1980).

Moved to Phoenix April 15, 1981 

April 23, 1983 - started as Owner / Manager of


Radio DJ Experience

Been a D.J. since college at the age of 19 working at KNAU the Campus Radio Station at Northern Arizona University. Then went on to offer his talents at -

  • KEOS Radio - Flagstaff, Arizona,

  • 99 KZZX Radio - Albuquerque, New Mexico,

  • 107.9 KMLE Radio - Phoenix, Arizona,

  • 102 KNIX Radio - Phoenix, Arizona. 


Mobile & Nightclub Experience

Mobile D.J. experience = 37 years since establishing the multiple award winning Knight Flight Professional DJs and successfully entertaining millions of people.

Nightclub D.J. Entertainer @

  • Granny's Closet - Flagstaff, Arizona,

  • Cowboys - Albuquerque, New Mexico,

  • Graham Central Station/ Studio West - Phoenix, Arizona,

  • Denim & Diamonds - Phoenix, Arizona,

  • Whiskey River Saloon - Phoenix, Arizona. 

Meet the Secretary

~ T.J. Jorgensen ~


Practices business law for small and medium-sized

Phoenix Area companies, helping people build and maintain their

companies.  Her clients receive practical legal services that enable

them to do what they excel at, while leaving the legal details to T..J.


At a time when many legal professionals specialize, TJ takes a holistic approach focused on the big picture – she is both a deal maker and litigator. She can, with equal facility, hammer out a complex transaction to its final signature, or try a case to its final verdict to protect such complex transactions.


After graduating from Arizona State Law School, TJ worked in large corporate law firms and realized that the traditional law firm structure wasn’t right for her.  TJ wanted to focus on solving client issues rather than gathering clients and handing the work to newer attorneys.  Since starting her own firm in 2008, TJ has focused on turning out “big” firm work product, without all the trappings and associated costs.

TJ’s practice evolved into a mix of clients involved in construction, fashion, restaurants, media, manufacturing, software, hospitality, and a variety of other diverse businesses. They admire her directness, her experience in a wide range of circumstances, and her practical, business-oriented approach.

Whether negotiating or drafting a transaction, TJ never loses sight of the overall broad strategy nor gets lost in the process.  Rather, TJ remains committed to the long-term end goal while ensuring that interim tasks are promptly and professionally accomplished.  While remaining keenly aware of the details of a legal matter, TJ keeps the team (client and attorney) on track, keeping her clients focused on the big picture, helping them understand what they need to do, rather than letting anyone get bogged down in minutiae that could kill a deal. 

Professional Woman's Portrait